Sunday, October 9, 2011

Beautiful Skin after Shaving???

Living in a VERY dry climate (no I am not in Arizona, but close), I tend to noticed how dry my skin gets after I shave. I searched for a good alternative to shaving creams online, but really NOTHING you buy at the store will help. A great website for skin cleansing gave me a wonderful idea: when shaving, why not use olive oil?

Normally store bought shaving creams will make you dried out. You don't deserve that. You need nurturing.

So, I tried shaving my legs with straight olive oil for a while. The results were mixed. Although my legs were so soft after shaving, it took a long time to shave. The oil clogged the razor blades, and the bathtub basin became too slippery.... I almost fell several times.

I revisited the Oil Cleansing Method website for ideas and inspiration.  I wanted something I could put on my skin that would help with the damage of a razor, but also be easy to deal with. My solution was so simple: mix 1 part olive oil with one part castor oil. Get this, castor oil is a lot thinner that olive oil and has cleansing properties.

So buy the following:

Olive Oil
Caster Oil (at Walgreens or CVS)
Pumping canister (as in the image)

Mix 8 oz of Castor Oil with 8 oz Olive oil
add 2 drops of essential oil: lavender, rosemary or tea-tree oil (all have cleansing properties)
pour into a bottle you can easily pour or pump from (photo above)

Pump a small amount into your hand (the size of a nickle) and smooth over one leg and then shave as usual

So shaving with oil feels weird, but really... foam is for morons... its full of chemicals you don't need. I use this exact mixture to clean my face every morning and night... and I never have any skin issues. 

Shave without creams or foams ladies and see how beautiful your skin can be!

Do it, what can it hurt?

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